Dec 24 1996, the first award she ever received after becoming a recording artist was at the “Anugerah Muzik Singapura 1996” which means Singapore Music Awards organised by the Singapore malay radio station (Warna 94.2 fm). She won the “Most Popular Female Artiste” and the “Most Popular Song” ~ “Mawarku” duet with “2by2”.

From there onwards, more and more awards started to fill up her cabinet. In Muzik Muzik 1996 now called Anugerah Juara Lagu, she won “Best Performance”, “Best Ballad Song” and “Overall Juara Lagu” for the song “Jerat Percintaan” which means “Love Trap” and beat some award-winning singers such as Ziana Zain and Fauziah Latiff.

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Virtually, every aspect of Siti Nurhaliza is a record setting. Years of development and persistence had molded this courageous person to discover that nothing is impossible in matters of the heart and mind. Indeed, this young lady that was born on 11 January 1979, had earned all the accolades from the industry by immeasurable deeds and hard works. Through out the past decade, she astounded the entire local music industry and the public with series of accomplishments. She had explored the soul, depth, and range of being an artist. Hitherto, she has shown the enormity of her range, depth, soul, and power to govern her very own persona in a new, more dramatic way. The growth accelerates, and the intensity went up a notch or two as Siti Nurhaliza made forays into the jittery push and pull of ‘world music’ rhythms in her upcoming album. No doubt, the new album will summon to the end product – a burnish shiny vocal surfaces of this young diva “Siti Nurhaliza”. Today, all of her immeasurable efforts and hard works for the local music industry had assured her a permanent recognition in the coveted “The Malaysia Book of Records” published in 2002. She was admired and envied by friends and foes equally. She is a singer that capable of combining the fiery voice of Céline Dion with the stunning elegance and the beauty of lyric phrasing of the Saloma – a local Malay legend in performing arts.

To date, Siti Nurhaliza is a template, a touchstone, and a hallmark of the regional industry. This fourth daughter of seven siblings has garnered more than a hundred awards from her nine solo pop and traditional albums. Blessed with great voice, she crossed all barriers with lists of electrifying series of hits of ballads, pops, R & Bs, as well as traditional genres. Thus far, she had also produced compilations, a few incredible duets, becoming guest artist, singing numerous theme songs for telemovies, motion pictures, advertisement jingles, along with a number of public services announcements’ theme songs. The industry had truly discovered Siti Nurhaliza.

Being an icon Siti Nurhaliza perfectly understood that the first casualty of fame is her very own privacy. Fortunately, she is virtually blessed with reporter friends and fans that consistently ameliorating and reminding her to possess a true star quality. The glitters of glamour may fade as time goes by, but the genuine quality of talent of such huge magnitude surpasses the test of time. Thus, throughout a decade of her career, she had never denied the importance of supports and prayers of her family and fans. They are her great teachers and they live and dance invisibly in the margins of her work.

The Achievements & Awards
Some of Siti Nurhaliza Awards. Please check the official site for complete list.

Popular Stars Award

Most Popular Star 2004
Popular Female Singer 2004
Popular Female Singer 2003
Popular Female Singer 2002
Most Popular Star 2001
Popular Female Singer 2001
Popular Female Singer 2000
Most Popular Artiste 2000
Popular Female Singer 1999
Most Popular Star 1999
Popular Female Singer 1998
Most Popular Artiste 1998
Most Popular Teenager 1997
Popular Female Singer 1997
Popular TV Entertainer 1997
Most Popular Star 1997
AIM Awards – Malaysian Music Industry Awards

Kembara (Explorer) Award 2004
Best Musical Arrangement Song (Bukan Cinta Biasa) 2004
Best Album (EMAS) 2004
Best Pop Album (EMAS) 2004
Best Female Vocal Performance Album (EMAS) 2004
Best Female Vocal Performance Album (Sanggar Mustika) 2003
Best Musical Arrangement Song (Merisik Khabar) 2003
Best Female Vocal Performance Album (Konsert Mega Siti) 2002
Best Female Vocal Performance Album (Sahmura) 2001
Best Ethnic Pop Album (Sahmura) 2001
Best Female Vocal Performance Album (Pancawarna) 2000
Kembara (Explorer) Award 2000
Best Ethnic Pop Album (Seri Balas) 2000
Best Album (Seri Balas) 2000
Best Female Vocal Performance Album (Adiwarna) 1999
Best Pop Album (Adiwarna) 1999
Best Album (Adiwarna) 1999
Best Song (Jerat Percintaan) 1997
Best Newcomer Female 1997
Juara Lagu Awards

Best Performance (Ku Milikmu) JL’18
Best Performance (Nirmala) JL’17
Ethnic Pop Song Champion (Nirmala) JL’17
Best Performance (Ya Maulai) 2001
Pop Rock Song Champion (Engkau Bagaikan Permata) 2001
Balad Song Champion (Kau Kekasihku) 2000
Ethnic Pop Song Champion (Balqis) 2000
Song Champion (Balqis) 2000
Balad Song Champion (Purnama Merindu) 1999
Ethnic Pop Song Champion (Hati Kama) 1999
Ethnic Pop Song Champion (Cindai) 1998
Song Champion (Cindai) 1998
Best Performance (Aku Cinta Padamu) 1997
Balad Song Champion (Aku Cinta Padamu) 1997
Song Champion (Jerat Percintaan) 1996
Best Performance (Jerat Percintaan) 1996
Balad Song Champion (Jerat Percintaan) 1996
MTV Asia Awards

Favourite Artiste (Malaysia) 2005
Favourite Artiste (Malaysia) 2004
Favourite Artiste (Malaysia) 2003
Favourite Artiste (Malaysia) 2002
International Awards

SCTV MUSIC AWARDS INDONESIA 2004 – Top Foreign Artiste
INDONESIA MUSIC AWARD 2003 – Best Album Malaysia (E.M.A.S)
VOICE OF ASIA 2002 – Grand Prix Champion
INDONESIA MUSIC AWARD 2001 – Most Lucrative Foreign Artiste In Indonesia
SOUTH PACIFIC INTERNATION SONG AND SINGING COMPETITION 1999 – Pop Winner/Top 40 Category International Song (We’ll Be As One)& Best Female Vocal Performance (We’ll Be As One)
SHANGHAI MUSIC FESTIVAL 1999 – Gold Award in Singing Competition
SINGAPORE MUSIC AWARD 1997 – Most Popular Newcomer Female & Most Popular Song (Mawarku)
Other Achievements

PBSMM (Red Cresent Association Malaysia) Ambassador (2 terms)
Model/Spokeperson for Maybelline New York 99-03
Model Mitsubishi Trium Special Edition 2000
Model Nippon Wiper Blade 2001
Given Darjah Kebesaran Keempat Negeri Pahang – Ahli Ahmad Shah Pahang (AAP)
Given Paduka Mahkota Perak (PMP)
Given Johan Setia Mahkota (JSM)
‘MALAYSIA STAMP PRINCESS’ by Pos Malaysia Berhad
Spokeperon for Jusco and Ambassador With All Our Heart Jusco 02-04
TMnet Ambassador 02-03
Spokeperon for Minolta 2003
Samsung IT Ambassador 2004
Maxis-Hotlink Ambasador 2004
Best Brand Malaysian Personality by Best Brand Council 2005

The Albums
Some of Siti Nurhaliza’s top Albums:

Prasasti Seni (2004)
E.M.A.S (2003)
Sanggar Mustika (2002)
Safa (2001)
Shamura (2000)
Pancawarna (1999)
Adiwarna (1998)
Cindai (1997)
Siti Nurhaliza (1997)
Siti Nurhaliza (1996)

Latest Achievements
Siti successfully held her solo concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London in April 2005.

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