WordHasIt: Has Mawi Picked Astro?

7 Oct

IT’S no secret that popular artiste Mawi is getting married to TV actress/personality Ekin.

For the past month, amidst media frenzy over the much-hyped wedding ceremony, many in the entertainment fraternity are left wondering when the BIG day will be.

Earlier this month, this column highlighted news about the “tussle” between giant media company Media Prima Sdn Bhd (which, among others, operates terrestrial TV stations TV3, ntv7, TV9 and 8TV) and satellite broadcaster Astro over the right to broadcast the wedding ceremony.

The latest on the grapevine is that Astro has been given the thumbs-up.

“It was like a ‘custody’ battle between Media Prima and Astro,” said an Astro insider, adding that “Mawi being a product of Akademi Fantasia (AF), the reality show produced by Astro, it is only logical that the network obtains the rights.”
Sources reveal that Media Prima offered a staggering amount – between RM5 million and RM6 million – to acquire the rights to the ceremony.

Incidentally, Media Prima made history when TV3 carried the wedding ceremony of award-wining singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza and businessman Datuk Seri Khalid Jiwa. It was the first time that a celebrity couple’s wedding was beamed “live” on mainstream TV in Malaysia.

Though there is no official announcement, it seems the 27-year-old Mawi has enlisted Yamin and Cikgu Baha (of AF fame) as wedding planners.

Mawi and Ekin are expected to hold a Press conference on Oct 21 to announce their wedding details.

The question on everyone’s lips is, how grand will the wedding be?

n LATELY more Malaysian filmmakers have been making waves internationally.

The latest is director/actor M. Subash, who will be rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of Bollywood during the 39th International Film Festival (IFFI) in India next month.

His debut film, Pensil, has been selected to participate at the 11-day film fest which will take place at Beach City in Goa starting Nov 22.

Subash received the confirmation via an e-mail sent by the festival’s print coordinator, Ramesh Chandra recently.

Dubbed as one of the oldest and the largest film festivals in Asia, IFFI is accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers’ Association (FIAPF).

To date, it has grown into a high-profile affair and received much coverage.

The movie is a heart-wrenching TV drama-turned-film about a physically-challenged aspiring artiste. It also stars Subash in the leading role.

Produced by Genius Parade Sdn Bhd on a modest RM400,000 budget, Pensil made heads turn when it received a string of accolades at the 21st Malaysian Film Festival in August.

Subash received the Special Jury Award for his efforts in highlighting the plight of the disabled.

Veteran actress Ruminah Sidek bagged the Best Supporting Actress award for her convincing portrayal in the movie. Other cast members included Maimon Mutalib, Khatijah Tan and Jalil Hamid.

n WE all love him. He’s charming, easy-going and adorable. Who are we referring to?

Que Haidar, that’s who. Recently the actor has been romantically linked to beautiful dance instructor-choreographer Linda Jasmine of Akademi Fantasia fame.

Que, who has 20 films under his belt, is adamant that it is just a rumour.

“I don’t know how the gossip came about,” said the actor, who had just returned from his Hari Raya celebration in Johor Baru over the weekend.

Previously, the lanky actor was linked to award-winning actress Sharifah Amani.

Earlier this year, he was linked to a member of a royal family after they were spotted attending a music awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

New Straits Times


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