Baby This Song's For You!

5 Oct

Fazley has been busy singing, hosting TV shows and giving motivational talks. Soon, being a father will keep him on his toes as well.

Soon-to-be father Fazley is also looking forward to working with an award-winning lyricist with whom he has always been dreaming of collaborating. SHUIB TAIB writes.

IT pays to be patient. And singer/motivational speaker/TV host Fazley can attest to this.

Since his involvement in show business 13 years ago, it has been his dream to collaborate with award-winning lyricist Habsah Hassan.

No stranger to local music fans, Habsah who is also a well-established scriptwriter and film producer (Hati Bukan Kristal), has penned hundreds of songs.

Her reputation as a sought-after lyricist resulted from her working with a string of top local singers, including Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Sheila Majid and the late Sudirman Arshad.
Habsah, who had a hand in chart-toppers like Merisik Khabar, Jauh Di Sudut Hati, Legenda and Dialah Di Hati, has finally written one for Fazley titled Rindu Tak Tertanggung. The song is composed by Ajai.

“I’ve been waiting for Habsah since I was 17! She is worth the wait though, as her lyrics are always poignant and moving. I’m targeting this to be my first single – but this depends on what happens after we’ve finished recording,” said the 30-year-old.

Fazley, who has been busy with hosting TV shows, is releasing an album of 10 new songs, plus four bonus tracks. The tracks are taken from his previous albums and are all about love.

The songs are Kerna Asmara, Cerita Asmara, Asmara Ini and H.U.J.A.N. or Harapan Untuk Janji Asmara Nurani.

Aside from Aja, who composed four numbers, Fazley has roped in the expertise of Mode of Ruffedge, who contributed three songs while the rest are written by him.

The yet-to-be-titled album is expected to hit the market by end of this month.

Elaborating on his album, Fazley said that Superheromu could be its title.

“The song Superheromu in the album is simple but catchy. It is about a guy who tries to save his girl by becoming a superhero. It’s inspired by a Harvey Malaiholo (an Indonesian jazz singer) number,” said Fazley.

The album will not be moving away very much from what he had done previously. The music will be contemporary and romantic. Lyrics-wise, save for the one written by Kak Chah (Habsah), the songs are simple.

Fazley has also been travelling a lot around the country, mostly to places he thought he would never set foot on.

As host of the programme, 3 Hari 2 Malam (airing every Sunday on TV9 at 8.30pm), which is already in its third season, Fazley has been to almost every corner of the country.

“I’ve been to places like Hutan Belum with Fauziah Latiff, climbed a mountain in search of the Rafflesia, went kayaking and diving in Pulau Kapas with Dr Faiz the astronaut (who was also his junior at school) and experienced all sorts of outdoor adventures.

“The travelogue also took us to Pulau Banding in Perak, Tasik Bera in Pahang and Gunung Santubong (the venue of the Rainforest Festival) in Sarawak.

“Since this is a programme for budget travellers, we usually travel by road and stay at 2- or 3-star hotels. Each artiste featured on the programme is given RM500 to spend during the three-day-two-night stay,” said Fazley, who also penned the theme song for the show.

Other celebrities who have appeared on the show include Cat Farish, Siti Sarah and Danny X-Factor.

Tune in to TV9 between 8am and 10am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you will see Fazley in a different role in the programme called Nasi Lemak Kopi O.

In the show’s motivation segment called Pedas Sedap, Fazley answers calls and offers advice.

Celcom mobile phone users can also get his daily motivational quotes by sending the SMS “S1” to 22600.

And soon Fazley will also be seen on TV2’s English talk show, Mr Motivation.

Although the singer has tried his hand at acting, he prefers hosting as it allows him to be himself.

But the one thing he is most looking forward to is becoming a father.

In fact, Fazley and his wife are expecting the arrival of their baby on the same date they got married last year: Nov 7.

Does he know his baby’s gender?

“Nope! Both my wife and I want this to be a surprise. When shopping for baby stuff we go for a neutral colour – white! We don’t care about whether we’re going to have a boy or girl so long as he or she is healthy.”

New Straits Times


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